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Division Descriptions & League Age Calculator

Division Descriptions & League Age Calculator

Please use this chart to determine your player's league age. It's important to know your player's league age as it could be different than the player's real age. The league age is what is used to determine the division the player can play.

General Rules for division selection: 

Tee ball: This is a beginner division for players from 4-5 years old. A 6 year old can play Tee ball without a problem. But the maturity difference between a 4&5 year old can be to hard to handle for some 6 year old's.  The 5 and 6 years old's should only play this division one year and move up to Rookie. A 4 year old might be better served to play two years in Tee ball.  This is a Non-Completive Division. No scoring is kept. Umpires do Not officiate the game.  

Rookie A: This is a machine pitch division  for players to develop hitting a moving baseball  and continuing to develop their fielding and baseball knowledge.  The age range is normally 5-6 years. We ask that a 5 year old at least play one year of Tee Ball  before playing this division.

Rookie AA:  This is a kid pitch division from a modified distance (40 feet) to get players used to hitting a ball being pitched to them.  This is a Semi-Competitive division with league specific rules and can have play offs at season ends. Scoring keeping is kept by coach's. Umpiring is done by the coaches.   The age range is normally 6-8 years . We ask that a 6 year old at least play one year of Rookie A  before playing this division.

Minor: This a competitive division for age range of 6-9. For competitive balance purposes teams will be selected via an evaluation and draft process. Therefore, it is required that any players who would like to play in this division must attend the player evaluations every year. Players will be placed based on their prior experience and player evaluation.  As a Competitive Division, the primary goals is to create fair and balanced competition throughout the division. Providing a good environment for team and individual skills development, which will include walks and steals. Youth pitching is at this level. Scoring and Standings are Kept with a division winner. Umpires officiate the Games.  

Major: This a completive division for fully developed players. The age's group is 9-12 year old's. All new players to this division will be selected through the evaluation and draft process. Returning players to this division will return to the Manger from last season and do not need to take part in the evaluation process.  Some 10-12 year old's can be sent down to Minor division if the League has a safety concern based on the players skill set. This is a fully completive division. Scoring and Standings are kept with a division winner and end of year tournament winner. Umpires officiate the Games. 

Little league Age chart for 2024:

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