Board of Directors

Name Email Officer Type(s)
Roland Mourad [email protected] League President
Chris Torres [email protected] League Vice President
Shannon Wheeler [email protected] League Secretary
Sarah Torres [email protected] League Treasurer
Mike Duran [email protected] League Information Officer/Webmaster
Javier Garcia [email protected]Equipment Coordinator
Marvin Grebow Jr. [email protected] Field Maintenance Manager
Richie Herrera[email protected]Field Maintenance Manager
Primo Morales [email protected] League Umpire-in-Chief
  League Player Agent
David Morasky[email protected]League Safety Officer
Troy Gentry League Coaching Coordinator
David Morasky[email protected]League Uniform Coordinator
Mike Duran[email protected]League Uniform Coordinator
Suzanne Azzurro[email protected]League Public Relations
Becky Bolton[email protected]League Parent/Publicity Coordinator
Matt Pray[email protected]League Rules and Regulations

Team Personnel Listing

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